Welcome to the NiTOR Body Protein Calculator. Use this calculator to understand your body’s custom protein needs. Please note, your body can only digest, absorb and utilize a max of 20-25g of protein at a time. Anything more than that is simply wasting your money, no matter how hard you just killed it at the gym!

This calculator takes into account your total weight, % skeletal muscle mass, and workout intensity to give you an idea of how often your body needs protein each day, and how often to take it, based on your level of activity and desired results.

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NiTOR Calculator

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Your Custom Results

Your body needs between and total grams of protein every day - just for normal body functions.

Your body needs a minimum of servings of protein (20g) per day, every hours apart for minimum recovery and growth, so you do not experience net muscle loss.

Your body needs a maximum of servings of protein (20g) per day, every hours apart for maximum recovery and growth.

Note: You do not need to take all of these servings of protein from NiTOR. For example, you can alternate between NiTOR and other food sources of protein, like beef, chicken and eggs. However, the more fast-digesting protein you feed your body, the faster you will recover and grow. It all depends on how elite of an athlete you are, how fast you want to recover, and/or how fast you want to grow.