About Us

NiTOR LLC is a veteran-owned and operated performance supplement company. Located in Northern Utah, NiTOR's elite performance formula is found in gyms and gym bags across the nation. As a team, we are dedicated to helping each and every athlete reach their ultimate fitness goals with only the best science and nutrition available. We pledge to deliver the highest quality supplements with the cleanest label possible with no banned substances, fillers, or "fairy dusted" nutrients.


We take a hard stance against "bro-science" and gimmicky additives. If it doesn't help you reach your goals, you won't find it in our products.


Meet the team that brings NiTOR to you:

Phil Harding, Owner, Chief Executive Officer

Health, fitness and nutrition have literally been life-and-death issues for Phil. From his time in law enforcement to the U.S. Air Force and his victory over terminal cancer, Phil brings a unique skill set and perspective to the NiTOR team. He has been part of the team since its infancy and is aggressively leading the company in international expansion and in continuing the development of precision-formulated products to help athletes gain maximum benefits from their workouts.

Dr. David Sherwood, Owner, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

With a PhD in Molecular Biology, Dr. Sherwood’s dedication to precision science has led him to make revolutionary innovations in three major industries: large-scale international agriculture, veterinary and small pet food, and finally the fitness industry. Over the next 10 years, his discoveries and innovations will affect more than 7 out of 10 people on the planet. Dr. Sherwood is the genius behind the original NiTOR Protein formula and continues to formulate new and improved nutrition supplements based on only the absolute best science available.


Phillip Chipping, Co-founder and Investor

Phillip is the brains behind the internationally successful company ZAGG screen protectors. Together with Dr. Sherwood, Phillip spent almost two years testing our original protein formula with over a hundred elite athletes before formally launching NiTOR in 2017 with a tight budget and a powerful vision. Under Phillip’s leadership, NiTOR established itself as a formidable name in sports nutrition. Phillip continues to add his wealth of knowledge and experience to the NiTOR Team’s ongoing efforts as an advisor and partner.