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NiTOR Protein products

Here's what you can expect from NiTOR Protein

  • No more chalk or clumps
  • No more gas or bloating
  • More BCAAs than any protein supplement on the market
  • Ultra Clean Label you can taste
  • 2x longer Muscle Protein Synthesis activation
  • Faster Recovery and more noticeable gains
  • 100% money back guarantee

There's a reason why we have the highest return customer rate in the industry.

Elite Athletes Rely on NiTOR Protein For Superior recovery and gains


[NiTOR] allows my athletes the ability to maintain a specific competition bodyweight. Using NiTOR for 2 months, one of my top athletes made significant gains in strength due to her rapid recovery in a demanding squat cycle. We are a NiTOR team and gym now.

Debbie Millet- 2x Masters World Champion


I hear people say all protein is the same... NOPE! It’s the science and technology under the hood… and Dr. David Sherwood has dedicated himself to this research. Bottom line is know what you’re putting into your body and invest in the stuff that WORKS!

Michael Lear- Powerlifting Multi-World Record Holder


Within a week of taking [NiTOR] I noticed a reduction in muscle soreness, and within 2 weeks I started hitting PR’s in the gym... I’m a chemist [and] a formulation scientist... [and] NiTOR is, without doubt, one of the best proteins I’ve ever seen.

Mike Saunders- Powerlifting Multi-World Record Holder


My experience these past 6 weeks taking NiTOR have been phenomenal... I recover much faster, I have gotten stronger quicker, I have more energy, and my muscles look much more “full."

Zach Hallford- Teen Body Building Multi-Chamion


After just 4 days I noticed a huge increase in energy and now don't have to rely on my caffeine pick-me-up, and no bloat!

Brielle Atkin- USAW IWF World Chamionships Team 2013


I honestly can't live a day without my NiTOR. I love, love, love it and am hopping on to buy more of the amazing chocolate today.

Jami Grove- Fitness Coach, World Cup Metalist
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