NiTOR Testimonials

A large part of my personal daily protein comes from supplements. I also own and coach a team of elite weightlifters who need a significant amount of protein to recover and they are subject to international and national drug testing. Protein supplements are of high priority to me. I have been using and scrutinizing protein supplements for almost 20 years. When I saw the science behind NiTOR, I was excited. To have a pure, clean, effective (amino acid profile) protein supplement available is a game changer. To have an option of no added sugar in any form (NiTOR Naked) allows my athletes the ability to maintain a specific competition bodyweight.

Using NiTOR for 2 months, one of my top athletes made significant gains in strength due to her rapid recovery in a demanding squat cycle.

We are a NiTOR team and gym now.

Debbie Millet
Owner & Coach at Praxis Olympic Weightlifting Center

I have been taking NiTOR for about a month and a half now, and I can only say good things about it.

First off, I am a competitive bodybuilder and world record powerlifter, so I train extremely hard once a day and sometimes even twice a day. Ever since I started taking NiTOR, I noticed that I recover much faster, I have gotten stronger quicker, I have more energy, and my muscles look much more “full”.

The first thing I recognized with NiTOR was the digestion. With other proteins a lot of times I would get gassy and bloated, but from NiTOR I haven’t had that happen at all and I can feel the protein being completely digested.

My experience these past 6 weeks taking NiTOR have been phenomenal, and for anyone seeking to get in better shape, get stronger, recover faster, or just live a healthier lifestyle, I recommend NiTOR.

Zach Hallford
Multiple x Teen Bodybuilding Champion, World Record Powerlifter

I hear people say all protein is the same... NOPE! It’s the science and technology under the hood… and Dr. David Sherwood has dedicated himself to this research. Bottom line is know what you’re putting into your body and invest in the stuff that WORKS!

Michael Lear
I've been going to the gym for over 8 years now - always been training for football in high school and also in college. I've always loved the gym and working out, but I've never enjoyed being sore for a few days after my workouts. NiTOR has really helped my body recover faster and helped build lean muscle. Just after a month of taking it I felt more energetic and I wasn't as sore as I was before, and was able to reach a PR of 315 on bench just after 2 weeks. I love NiTOR and would recommend it for anyone who wants to get in shape while getting stronger, too.
Nathan Wanner

Prior to taking NiTOR, I pretty much just gave up on supplementing protein. All of them made me feel bloated and were just full of junk.

I've now been using NiTOR for about 2 months. After just 4 days I noticed a huge increase in energy and now don't have to rely on my caffeine pick-me-up, and no bloat! It also mixes perfectly and tastes great.

The main thing that sold me on this product is the science on how and why it is formulated to help our bodies utilize as much of the protein as possible. Definitely the best protein supplement on the market!

Brielle Atkin
Personal Fitness Trainer & Olympic Weightlifter (ranked 10th nationally)
This stuff was and is life-changing for me. I'm not sore after workouts. I can do a full day of intense farm work and do not get tired or hungry. I've stopped taking mid day naps. I've lost 15 lbs of weight that I could not get to budge. I don't have gas anymore - huge plus! Thank you NiTOR!
Miken Hunt

Ok let me start off by saying I'm not a weight lifting gym junkie. I'm an endurance runner that trains for races ranging from 5k's to marathons. Before NiTOR, I didn't take protein as I feared I would bulk up and slow my times down. What I didn't realize is how much I didn't understand about protein and it's affects on the body. A friend introduced me to the video of the founder of NiTOR explaining how protein really is the building blocks of our body and used under different circumstances helps our bodies regenerate, heal, as well as strengthen. So with that background and some other research I decided to try NiTOR specifically as a muscle toning and energy enhancing supplement to my training. This is what I found after using it for a period of time:

1. I feel more energized on my runs. My second wind is hitting me further and further in my runs
2. My recovery days are much more productive. I have less muscle aches and I feel more ready to go the next day on my next workouts
3. It actually tastes pretty good (or I guess the lack of taste thereof) I mix it with a frozen banana peanut butter and almond milk into a smoothie. I've had slimy chalk tasting proteins before. However this does none of that and instead just enhance the texture of the smoothie.
4. As I have a high cardio workout I have not noticed bulking as I feared but rather feel the energy benefits. I'm sure if I was just lifting in the gym muscle toning would be different.

I'm really liking the results so far.

S.K. Bailey

I tried going back to my old protein after trying NiTOR for a few weeks, just for fun. For two days. I felt bloated and tired during my workouts and my entire day. I'm a stay-at-home mom of four young kids. Busy days. Went back to my NiTOR and life is good. Hitting PR's like crazy!! I'm officially a believer!

--- UPDATE ---

I honestly can't live a day without my NiTOR. I love, love, love it and am hopping on to buy more of the amazing chocolate today. I am hooked and I love it!

Jami Glines
Crossfitter, Stay-at-home Mom of Four

I started taking NiTOR consistently a few weeks before my last competition. Through my own error, I was facing a drastic cut to make weight and NiTOR really came through for me. Using primarily the Naked or unflavored version, which is almost pure protein, I was able to take in regular shakes throughout the day without having to worry about extra calories from sugar or fat. The regular shakes helped keep me sane during my dieting, and the high quality protein helped me keep more muscle and strength than I ever have during a cut. When weigh in day came, I was able to make weight, and I continued to use NiTOR shakes regularly while re-hydrating and refueling. When competition day came, I had the best meet of my life!

The way I was able to keep muscle and strength while cutting down and doing my last workouts, then being able to bring it on the platform, I feel like NiTOR absolutely helped increase (or at least saved) performance. And super easy to digest. I havent noticed any real bloating, gastrointestinal discomfort or gas that can accompany high protein diets and cheaper protein powders.

I should add one final thought on increased performance AND recovery. Or at least maintaining performance and helping with recovery while in a calorie deficit. At FitCon the cut really hurt my performance, and I had to cut harder for this meet.

Ryan Marble

I have been a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer for almost 30 years and I have used the same protein and supplement company for 15 years. So did all of my athletes including World, National and State Champions.

I was in the process of contracting my own private label products to get the product I wanted for my patients and athletes when I had to great fortune of meeting Phillip Chipping at a Powerlifting meet and tried NiTOR.

I decided that day to switch companies…his products are that good. My clients feel the same way as they have been reaching their goals faster and faster.

Peter Faletto
Physical Therapist at HealX Physical Therapy/WIN Sports Lab

As a chemist and a formulation scientist, I’ve been mixing my own protein from unflavored whey isolate and amino acids for quite a while. Lately I’ve been trying lots of new things to try to improve recovery. I’ve been putting in anti-oxidants, plant extracts, even pond scum (spirulina) trying to get a mix that works. By the time I finished buying a good quality isolate and all the aminos and vitamins and things I had spent well over $500 for about 20 lbs of my protein buying in bulk. Worst of all I had to spend a lot of time trying to get things mixed together evenly and cleaning up the various powder residues all over my kitchen. I still ended up with the occasional chunk of foul tasting amino acid that makes my whole shake practically undrinkable. NiTor solves these problems for me. The isolate used in NiTor is a higher quality than what I was using previously, and the amino acid profile, backed up by the B vitamins, digestive enzymes and CoQ10 flat out works better then anything I’ve come up with myself. It also ends up costing about the same. Less if you figure in the digestive enzymes and thinks I couldn’t put in to my protein on my own. I’ve been lifting for two decades, I’m a chemist with over a decade in industry, I work as a formulation scientist, and I’ve consumed hundreds of kilos of protein powder since I started lifting. NiTor is, without doubt, one of the best proteins I’ve ever seen.

--- UPDATE ---

I competed at the IPL world cup in the 198 lb weight class this past weekend (April 22nd) and had a great day, setting new world records in squat (760.5 lbs), bench (650.3 lbs) and total (2088.7 lbs). My total was also good enough for the #1 spot on the powerlifting watch best of the best list (takes in to account all federations). I also won best overall lifter with a 607 Wilks points (my best single ply Wilks score ever) A few people asked what I did differently to prepare for this competition. The thing that stands out most is that I started using NiTOR's Elite HD protein about a month out from competing. Within a week of taking Elite HD I noticed a reduction in muscle soreness, and within 2 weeks I started hitting PR's in the gym (after having plateaued for weeks-months for some lifts). Cutting weight for the comp went better than ever. I maintained strength by keeping a steady dose of Elite HD in my system even while dehydrating and going in to calorie deficit. After weigh ins I rehydrated by drinking dilute Elite HD (4 scoops of Elite HD/gallon of water) and creatine and kept drinking the same mix throughout the competition. This was the best I have ever felt going through a full competition. Even with the small weight cut I had a ton of energy and felt strong all day. I've been sponsored before and had to drop the company because I couldn't use their protein. I have several options for free protein right now. I wouldn't use any of them. NiTOR just makes a better product. Thanks for everything!

Mike Saunders
All time world record holder single ply 198 wt. class – bench of 650 lbs, squat of 760 lbs., and total of 2088 lbs.

After 18 years of competing in the sport of Powerlifting, I have used less and less supplements over time. So many of the products on the market today are not scientifically formulated properly, and contain a large percentage of "fillers." I even stopped using protein supplements altogether a couple years ago due to my discontent with the industry. Consequently, I have been very skeptical about products on the shelf, and will only take a supplement that is 100% pharmaceutical grade from a trusted source. I believe NiTOR's Elite HD Whey Protein Isolate is a "game changer" for athletes due to the fact that 100% of the protein consumed is absorbed. I have a sensitive digestive tract due to past surgeries, and I have noticed that I never have any bloating or digestive discomfort from this product. I've also been able to curb a lot of my caffeine consumption due to sustained energy levels throughout the day. It is very rare that I will endorse any dietary supplement, but I recommend this product to anyone who is serious about maximizing their potential with both fitness and athletic goals.

Chris McGrail
President/Founder of Utah Powerlifting 782 lbs Squat All-Time Record & 716 lbs Deadlift World Record at 181 lbs bodyweight

I compete in powerlifting where strength is everything. I also studied nutrition and exercise science in college. There is no other protein like this on the market. I've used and tested every protein on the market including: Pro-Jym, BSN Syntha-6, ON Gold Standard, BPI Best Protein, Legion's Whey Protein, MP Combat, EVL Whey and more.

After using NiTOR for a week I decided I would no longer use any other protein. My recovery was better, my strength was improving, and there wasn't even any bloat or gastrointestinal discomfort caused by other traditional proteins. The science behind it is amazing. It's the only protein I endorse.

Jake Benson
700 lb. deadlift @ 198 lb. bodyweight, 2nd place World Champion, APF National Deadlift Champion, IPL World Cup Winner

I've tried several different proteins and few live up to the hype. I've been taking NiTOR for 3 weeks now and I made the switch at a critical time in my training. Probably not the smartest thing to do when I'm in a peak phase for an upcoming IPL World Cup Powerlifting meet. Additionally, I needed to lose 14 pounds body weight. I can honestly say this has been the smoothest weight cut and I am hitting PRs leading up to this meet. I'm now just 8 days out and my body weight is down 8 pounds without sacrificing nutrition. I want to highlight the low calorie (just 90 cal/per serving/23 gr protein), zero bloat or protein farts and it completely mixes with little effort. I actually just use a fork, 4oz water and I have no clumps!! I hear people say all protein is the same just a different package. Well, if that's the case then all cars are the same...right? NOPE! It's the science and technology under the hood or in this case in the production of the protein. I must have watched the "protein challenge" video on their website 5x and Dr. David Sherwood has dedicated himself to this research and I tend to believe the scientist with the pedigree than a steroid juice head that simply endorses a product to sell it. I compete in USAPL where I'm drug tested constantly and this product will be a staple in my program. Not to mention I'm saving $60 a month on BCAAs because it's incorporated in the protein. Bottom line is know what your putting into your body and invest in the stuff that WORKS!

Michael Lear
Elite Powerlifter, Strength Athlete, USAF - 181/191 Raw - 540/336/700@181 - IPL DL WR

Best protein I have ever had! As a strength athlete I look for quality products to help with my recovery. This is the first protein I can truly say has helped me recover faster. I train both powerlifting and strongwoman events weekly and I finally found an excellent product that helps me achieve my goals nutritionally. As you get older it takes longer to recover. However, at 46 years old I am now recovering faster after only consuming this product for one month. I definitely love it! Thank you for making a quality protein powder.

Leslie Hofheins
Elite Powerlifter 435 lb squat, 227 lb bench, 474 lb deadlift, Winner World’s Strongest Woman

One of my clients shared with me a product he was using. I listened to him explaining NiTOR to me and was impressed. But I have heard so many things over the years regarding supplements. I trust my friend and his knowledge, so I thought, “why not?” I got online and ordered that night after we discussed this new protein where 100% absorption is promised.

I was taking the protein every two hours in just 4 ounces of water. I would shoot it down and go about my day. I noticed that I just sorta felt better. Maybe it was in my head I thought. A few days later working out I was just crushing a leg workout but was not as shot as I normally was after. Sure I was tired but I just felt better. It was so odd. Was NiTOR behind this new feeling of well being? Well a couple weeks in and I will resoundingly say yes. I am feeling better, strong and actually, which blew my mind, have more energy. Weird!

I support NiTOR, which has the quality and education to change the industry forever!

Shawn Bellon
Raw Powerlifter, Strength Coach, Multiple state, American and world records in USPA, USPF and IPL Best contest lifts 755-440-755 weighing 260 lbs. 30+ years lifting weights, 20+ years coaching strength athletes, published author and columnist

I love NiTor! I have had a heavy week for workouts this week, and I normally would take preworkout beforehand to get a little extra boost. But I was able to finish the heavy workout without any preworkout! I also did not feel tired or worn out at all during the workout.

Tayler Claflin
18 yr old prodigy, Records set or broken include: USPA WY State - 11 USPA National - 5 IPL World - 1 APF National - 10 AAPF National - 10 WPC World - 3 AWPC World - 6

I have very rarely hyped up a supplement/company. But NITOR's protein (Elite HD) is something different for sure. I had been using the same brand of protein for nearly 10 years. I thought it was decent until now. There really is a big difference in a high quality protein like NITOR compared to others out there. I didn't realize how much bloat I was getting from other proteins. Since taking NITOR regularly every 3 hours in the day I have noticed change. No bloat feeling and digests easy. No way I could have taken my other stuff constantly throughout the day like that. I really think NITOR is on to something great with the amino acid profile blend that matches that of the human body. As far as results so far I have noticed way more constant energy levels. No need anymore for a pick me up snack/pre-workout before the gym. Muscle recovery seems quicker as well. Already hit some unexpected personal records on some lifts in the gym. Excited to see the upcoming results with more time on this product!!!

Scott Mecham
Co-Owner/Founder of Utah Powerlifting. World Record/All-Time Bench press holder. 220 class bench press of 755 lbs. 242 class bench press 826 lbs.